Steps Aid Ethiopia

  • Legal Name: Steps Aid Ethiopia
  • Fundraising Since: 16 mar 2023
  • Registraition number: 6603

Steps Aid Ethiopia is a non-profit organization that aims to ensure that Ethiopian students' socio-economic circumstances do not prevent them from achieving their academic potential. We also work in post-conflict and disaster aftermath rehabilitation, focusing on access to education by providing a second chance education for affected communities.
Our mission is to address the socio-economic problems that students face when a community suffers conflict or natural disasters, especially girls, by providing the necessary tools to get the education they deserve so no one is left behind. We do this with the involvement of local communities- the beneficiaries.
We provide material and psychological support to female students in order to encourage them to overcome the barriers that prevent them from attending or finishing school. This support is given to female students in primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions.
Additionally, we provide:
- Food donations and material donations for children that come from low-income families, especially those in areas affected by conflict and natural disasters.
- Bursary Program- for female university students- includes material and counseling support
- Post-conflict/disaster Rehabilitation Programs:
School Restoration Program
Sponsorship of Teaching Staff
Psychosocial Support Program
Target Area: Our project started out in Addis Ababa, but due to recent events in the country, the project has expanded to include the Amhara region (Specifically Woldia).