About Wegenfund

"Necessity is the mother of (re)invention."

The necessity

Ethiopians are one of the most social and generous societies on our planet. They are generally keen to help others, either individually or by supporting various causes and initiatives. However, due to a number of factors, Ethiopia lacks a modern platform which organisations and individuals in Ethiopia can access and utilise easily.

The Reinvention

To overcome these challenges, and capitalizing on Ethiopians' long-standing history of supporting each other, Wegenfund was created (you could say reinvented.)

At its core, Wegenfund is a fundraising platform where charitable organisations and individuals can campaign and raise funds for charitable causes. We areproviding the tools you need to support good causes.

We believe we are the first platform which is freely available, and not limited to certain organisation(s), and are committed to making it even better.

Who is behind Wegenfund?

Wegenfund was created by wegen.tech, a modern company, which, among other things, develops Web Apps. Wegen Tech believes Wegenfund has been released on time to mobilise resources for current challenging conditions in Ethiopia.