Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who can use Wegenfund platform?

    Charity or non-profit organisation:- any charity or NGO that is registered with The Authority for Civil Society Organisations (ACSO), AND can provide its Registration License and related documentation.

    Religious Institutions:- religious organisations that are not required to register with ACSO, are also allowed to register, provided that they can provide the necessary documentation from the institution lead.

    Individual:- any person with medical challenges and conditions ,which are supported by medical institutions and professionals.

    Businesses:- any business (of any type) legally registered in Ethiopia, and can produce its Business License and TIN certificate.

Charities and Businesses

Personal fundraising

  • What documents do I need to register?
  • How will I get paid?
  • Can I campaign for my business?
  • How do I withdraw funds from my personal Cause?




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