Starting a Cause to support a Charity

You can campaign for your preferred Charities/NGOs or Religious Institutions

Using Wegenfund Causes

Causes for supporting a registered Charity/NGO

“The essence of life is to serve others and do good.“


Serving and helping each other and supporting different communities benefits not just others but ourselves, too. On Wegenfund platform, you have full freedom to raise funds for the Charities, NGOs or Religious Institutions that are close to your heart.

In either case, simply follow these easy steps to setup a Cause.

P.S. Take your time though as most fields can not be changed later. (e.g. if beneficiary your cause was "Charity A", you can not later change it to "Charity B".)

How Causes work
  • Start a Cause

    • Click on “Start a Cause”
    • Select Title and Category
    • Select Beneficiary (Type the first few characters to see a list)
    • Set target amount and deadline
    • Add cover image and description
    • Launch your Cause
  • Share your Cause

    • On social media
    • By email, and/or
    • By Using Text Messages (SMS)
    • Update your fundraising progress on social media
  • Manage

    • Your chosen Charity/NGO gets the funds (No hassle for you, no hassle for the Charity you chose)
    • Provide updates as you see fit (Use the form on your cause page)
    • You may extend the deadline or close it early (From your account page)