How To - use Personal Causes

Using Causes to ask help from friends and family

Using Wegenfund Causes

Using Personal Causes

“You are never strong enough that you don’t need help.”

Cesar Chavez

While life is full "ups" and "downs", some "downs" are hard to face without support from friends or family. That is why Wegenfund allows the creation of Personal Causes — so individuals facing hardships can create a personal Cause and fundraise from their friends, family or just good Samaritans.

Here is how to start a personal Cause:

NOTE: This version of Wegenfund supports personal Causes for medical emergencies only. It is in our plans to expand this.

How Causes work
  • Start a Cause

    • Click on “Start a Cause”
    • Select Title and Category

      (Category needs to be Medical)

    • Select "For Myself"

      (Leave Beneficiary Organisation blank)

    • Set target amount and deadline
    • Add cover image and description
    • Launch your Cause
  • Share your Cause

    • On social media
    • By email, and/or
    • By Using Text Messages (SMS)
    • (In parallel, submit required documentation)
    • Update your fundraising progress in social media
  • Manage

    • Submit Proof of Identity !

      (Financial laws require us to know who recieves the money)

    • & Proof of Medical Emergency !

      (Under your account page)

    • Request Payout (Withdrwal)
    • You may extend the deadline or close it early (From your account page)