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Charity Fundraising Flow
HOWTO -- for Charities & NGOs

Wegenfund for Charities/NGOs

Wegenfund is the best place to fundraise irrespective of the type of your organisation. Wegenfund accepts any charity or NGO that is registered with The Authority for Civil Society Organisations (ACSO)in Ethiopia AND is allowed to fundraise from the public. Aditionally, Wegenfund accepts organisations that are not required to register with ACSO, but are granted a smiliar status, e.g. religious institutions.

To ensure legal compliance, you will need to provide your organisation's Registration Licence and related documentation. Once you submit your registration, Wegenfund and our financial partners jointly review your application for approval. Key steps are highlighted below:-

  • Register your organisation

    • Fill in basic Charity/NGO details
    • Provide legal documents

      Registration Certificate (or equivalent) and related documentation

    • Add logo and description
    • Submit & get approved

      (Usually within a couple of days)

  • Start a Cause

    • Get approval notice from Wegenfund

      Once the charity/NGO is approved, you only provide the annual renewal letter from ACSO.

    • Add more Causes if any

      (Follow this guidance)

    • Share your Cause(s)

      Share your causes in social media

  • Manage Donations

    • Accept donations
    • Give us your bank details

      (If you haven't done so already)

    • Withdraw funds
    • Update Donners