Support for girls pursuing higher education.

  • Started by: Elene Tegegne
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  • Started on: 28 mar 2023
  • Closing Date: 30 sep 2024

Our objective is to help female university students with strong academic performance in their academic journey. We at Steps Aid Ethiopia believe everyone deserves a proper education and that education is a fundamental human right. With the help of gracious donors like you, we will be able to realize the goal of ensuring that the socio-economic circumstances of girls pursuing higher education, don’t hinder them from achieving their academic potential. These hindering socio-economic circumstances include a lack of clothing, bedding, sanitary pads, and at times, even meals. Girls find themselves unable to attend classes due to the embarrassment that comes from a lack of possessing sanitary pads when needed or even proper clothing.
This leads the girls to drop out of the university or to continue by funding their needs through unconventional means that put them at health and security risks.
We need funds in order to provide these girls with the material and financial support they desperately need so that they can focus on what matters-their education.
These include:
- sanitary pads
- toiletries
- beddings
- pocket money for stationery, books, meals, and transportation costs
With some financial aid to our organization, you can help make a huge impact on the lives of these girls. Any contribution you can make will be highly appreciated.
With your help, we aim to bring forth a generation of empowered young women who will become productive members of society who in turn will give back to their communities.

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