Child students sponsorship and Elderly support project

  • Started by: Ayele Teketel
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  • Started on: 21 feb 2022
  • Closing Date: 31 dec 2024

1. Background
Addis Hiwot Integrated Sustainable Development Organization (AHISDO) is a non profit making, non-political, non-secular and non-government organization that is operating in Kirkos Sub-City, Woreda 05 in two merged former Kebeles of 08/09 which is found in the
Southwestern part of Addis Ababa City Administration. Initially, it was established as a community-based organization (CBO) that took over responsibility from IHA/UDP in 2005. Moreover, since 2009, AHISDO had been registered and licensed as an Ethiopian Residents Charity in accordance with the former Charities and Societies Agency’s Registration Proclamation No. 621/2009. But later on renewed its License for 3 years starting from 9 February 2017 and recently on December 2021 renewed for 1 year period.
2. General And Specific Objectives
2.1 General Objective of the Project
The general objective is to improve the well-being of orphaned, vulnerable and underprivileged children & Elderly in the slum communities by addressing unfulfilled supplementary support and also to improve and meet the psychological, social and basic needs of the helpless and neediest people by using participatory approach.
2.2 Specific Objectives
A) Child Sponsorship Program
i. To provide supplementary materials support, sanitary including COVID – 19 protective materials to 150 orphaned and vulnerable and other needy children (F 88 & M 62) in Woreda 05 of Kirkos Sub-City by fulfilling their basic needs during the project period.
ii. To keep 150 orphaned and other most destitute children in the target area to change their life condition through education by the end of the project.
b) Old People Support
 To enable the existing 51 (F 41 & M 10) most destitute helpless (bedridden and mobile)old people to live their lives with some comfort and dignity from Woreda 05 in Kirkos Sub-City community by the end of one year.
 To create awareness among the local community in the Woreda 05 on the Care and
Support the most deprived and bed-bound old persons during the project period.
 Pay regularly (every month) house rents and “Idir” fee payments for 19 elderly (F16 & M 3)
3. Activities
Child Sponsorship & Old People Support
• Being with related government partners identify & select orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) and other the most destitute children from the poorest families.
• Provide unfulfilled supplementary basic need

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