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Vision Ethiopian Congress for Democracy ( VECOD )

  • Legal Name: Vision Ethiopian Congress for Democracy ( VECOD )
  • Fundraising Since: 26 jan 2022
  • Registraition number: 1293

Vision Ethiopian Congress for Democracy (VECOD) was founded at Addis Ababa University on February 7, 2003 by five individuals with sound educational background and experience relevant to civic education. These individuals are representative of the Ethiopian ethnic and gender configuration. VECOD found its genesis in the leaflet entitled “what should be the role of the intellectual” prepared and distributed in Amharic by the late Abraham Abebe. VECOD is legally registered under no.1006 and is non-patrician civic NGO.

The engagement areas of the organizations are:
* 60% of the activities of the organization are focused on creating Democratic Citizens.
* 30% of the activities are nut shelled at creating Democratic Leadership.
* 10% of the activities are aligned to develop and sustain Democratic Governance.

The organization has renewed its registration as an Ethiopian Charity, in accordance with the 2009 Charities and Societies Proclamation no. 621/2009 and newly registered under no. 1293.

VECOD has been providing training ranging in length from three months to six months. The training focus on the past 19 years in good governance, Capacity building, democracy, human rights, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding, Civic and Ethical Education, civic and voter education, prevention of violence against women and children, and women's leadership and decision-making.

Serving the community through teaching and showing a better way; VECOD has provided this training to 23,582,249 citizens with face-to-face education across the country.

We would like to kindly and respectfully request that all Ethiopians and Ethiopian families who wish to continue this program to Support and help financially by WGEN FUND Platform can click this link

May Ethiopia be honored by her children and live forever!!

May God bless Ethiopia and its people!!