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Mary Joy Ethiopia

  • Legal Name: Mary Joy Ethiopia
  • Fundraising Since: 17 feb 2023
  • Registraition number: 60

Mary Joy Ethiopia, with 28+years of stunning experience in the development field, registered under Federal law by ACSO (Authority of Charity and Civil Society Organization) with Reg.# 0060, is very much pleased to express its interest to be the partner of PATH Ethiopia.

Mary Joy Ethiopia envisioned being a sustainable organization that brings about lasting improvement in the lives of its target groups with the mission of a charity that works to empower vulnerable and underserved community groups through integrated development programs.

Mary Joy Ethiopia implements four major program thematic areas namely Livelihood Enhancement, the pillar and most strategic program under MJE’s program landscape, Education, propensity to change the capability of the target children, Private-Public-Partnership, responding to addressing social Protection and health spiraled on prevention and curative with cross-cutting issues of Adolescent Youth Sexual Reproductive Health, OVC programming including the Economic strengthening services (Adult & Youth VSLA, Asset transfer, and BDS services), HIV/AIDS Prevention Care and Support, Environmental Protection, Gender and Development, Social Protection and inclusiveness.

Currently, Mary Joy Ethiopia operates in Addis Ababa, SNNPR, South-West Ethiopia, Sidama, and Oromiya Regions covering 120 Woredas and/or Kebeles that serve over 1.6 million people directly and indirectly. Moreover, MJE has a strong intention and ambition to scale up its current interventions into the unreached Woredas of Oromia, Sidama, SNNPR, South West Ethiopia, Amhara, Afar, and other Regions as the organization has been invited to implement its development programs in those regions.

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