Mekedonia Home for Elderly & Mentally Disabled

  • Legal Name: Mekedonia Home for Elderly & Mentally Disabled
  • Fundraising Since: 05 mar 2023
  • Registraition number: 170

We are an organization focused on helping the lives of the elderly and those with mental disabilities, by providing all basic services (food, clothes, shelter, hygiene facilities, medical, educational and others) to the residents in the center.

Our main objectives are:
- Helping the disabled by encouragement and rehabilitation to develop their physical and mental capacities;
Providing education, training, and employment opportunities as possible to all disabled and elderly people in the country,
- Helping disabled and elderly people with the potential to find and retain employment and other needs to participate fully in the everyday life of society,
- Working on inclusive and integrated community development, biodiversity and livelihood improvement, especially for elderly people and those with disabilities, and
- Improving public awareness and acceptance of the capabilities, needs and problems of disabled and marginalized elder people.

Visiting our residents and donating in cash/kind are only two of the many ways you can support our activities.

Recent Causes

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    Ways you can support us

  1. You can simply use the Donate to Mekedonia button above and we will apply the funds to any of the causes as we see fit.
  2. Alternatively, you can select a cause that appeals to you more, and give as generously as you can. And, don't forget to inform others, too.
  3. Finally, to go the extra-mile, you can Start a new cause to fundraise from your friends and family.

Whatever you choose, thank you!