The king’s Daughters Empowerment Development and Charity Organization

  • Legal Name: The king’s Daughters Empowerment Development and Charity Organization
  • Fundraising Since: 17 nov 2023
  • Registraition number: 6571

King’s Daughter Development and charitable organization a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered by the Federal Democratic of Ethiopia Agency for Civil Society Organizations (FDREACSO) and is engaged in empowering the community, particularly, young women all over Ethiopia through one-to-one consulting services and group trainings. The organization aims to empower women recognize their self worth and acknowledge their value.
The organization has a great deal of experience in working with different age groups and status of women from different walks of life. King’s Daughter have seen women impacted due to the trainings and mentorship programs the organization conducted individuals has demonstrated significant change holistically.

Feven Gashaw the founder and the CEO of King’s Daughter is a personal and professional development trainer with a lot of experience in the field of training. Feven has reached a lot of young girls and women in different walk of life throughout Ethiopia at different events as well as universities. King’s Daughter has designed women and girls empowerment program through mass and social media platform. And also play a key role in reducing GBV.

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