Comm. Boosting Org

Community Boosting Organization

  • Legal Name: Community Boosting Organization
  • Fundraising Since: 31 dec 2022
  • Registraition number: 5098

Community Boosting Organization(CBO) is a Board-led Civil Society Organization registered according to FDRE proclamation Number 1113-2019 in Ethiopia. It is founded and governed by young physicians and other health professionals who have years of experience in community service and public Health beside the clinical services. Boosting the community Health and the Health system is our core operating area. We also work on Emergency and disasters; Education and research; Women, youth and disabled peoples empowerment and Environment and climate change.  

Since its foundation CBO is struggling to serve its community. Most of our activities are performed by in kind support and Voulnteer mobilization. We are very good in performing huge community services with small resources. 

But lack of fund and financial resources is our main challenge. We have been struggling to get fund within our operating period. But we didn't get any ssignificant yet. Even if we have a great motivation, passion to keep our engagement in the community service and public health lack of fund is our main frustrating challenge.
Even though we are facing lots of existence challenging problems we are keeping our hope. We hope we will succeed one day.

In order to achieve our dream, to decrease our burning pains, we need your help. We need your kind support. International Funds are not open for local and grassroots organization like us.

Some of our Active projects includes 
1.      Volunteer Health professionals Service support project for Hospitals and Local Health centers (Bahir Dar and Debre Birhan)
2.      Mental and psychosocial support for commercial sex workers at Jerusalem Commercial sex workers rehabilitation center  (Bahir Dar)
3.      Blood Donation coordination and mobilization at Bahir Dar and surrounding cities. (Bahir Dar, Debre Birhan )
4.      Periodic Field screening for Diabetes, Hypertension and Hepatitis Viruses and, HIV-AIds. (Bahir Dar)

Impending projects searching for partners are 
1. Primary Health care for Internally Displaced peoples 
2. Mental Health, psychosocial support, contraception services and Comprehensive Abortion care for Internally Displaced peoples at North shewa and/or North Wollo
3. Health professionals support for Local Health centers project 
4. Field screening and Awareness creation on HIV -AIDS and Hepatitis B virus in 5 more cities of Ethiopia 
5. Job opportunity for Health professionals through Promotion of volunteerism.