Bridge for Development Organisation

  • Legal Name: Bridge for Development Organisation
  • Fundraising Since: 11 feb 2022
  • Registraition number: 4509

Vision of B.D.O.
The vision of the organization is to see women, children, adolescents and youths living a healthy, happy and decent life in Ethiopia.

The organization’s values, principles and beliefs include: equal opportunities, universal human rights, transparency, ready to accept positive changes, gender equality, humanity, honesty, cooperation, justice and humanitarianism, and equity.

Bridge for Development organization is board led non-political, non for profit, non-sectarian and non-governmental local charity organization established in October 2019, licensed by Agency for Civic Society Organization with registry # 4509. We have the passion to develop BDO and do something that changes the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable young communities through our legitimacy, accountability and transparency in action.

Recent Causes

Please, help us to help others

    Ways you can support us

  1. You can simply use the Donate to BDO button above and we will apply the funds to any of the causes as we see fit.
  2. Alternatively, you can select a cause that appeals to you more, and give as generously as you can. And, don't forget to inform others, too.
  3. Finally, to go the extra-mile, you can Start a new cause to fundraise from your friends and family.

Whatever you choose, thank you!