Yenigat Birhan

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Yengat Birhan is an indigenous humanitarian organization established by a volunteer health professional that represent a family committed to assist disadvantaged family especially poor women headed and child headed one. The family has a long story of supporting disadvantaged children and their family for over four years using their own financial and material resources plus rich experience in humanitarian service.
Since February, 2016, the organization approaches friends and individuals who share the vision of the founder and able to get financial, material and technical support and continued operating in collaboration with Yeka Sub city Woreda 08 and the surrounding community; in the area of women economic empowerment, improve school enrolment of disadvantaged children and improve the health seeking behavior of disadvantaged family.

The organization’s support was highly appreciated by the beneficiary, and to this effect, Yeka sub-city and a number of beneficiaries are continuing to demand a scale up the support and reach more families. Key activities are:- Family specific intervention, Supporting children to go to school, Health education to create awareness, and Education and counselling on essential nutrition.

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