Eneradada Elders Association

  • Started by: Internal Importer System
  • For: Eneredada
  • Started on: 30 dec 2021
  • Closing Date: 31 dec 2023

Eneredada Elder People Association is located in Arada sub city in Woreda 3 which is around Around Ras Desta Damtew Memorial hospital which is ideally known to be in the central part of the capita. Beneficiaries of EEPA are elders above the age 60 who are living in the selected Woredas of Arada Addis Ketema and Gulele sub cities who are responsible of the poor and needy elder’s children and grandchildren. These Elder have their own family but are living in an extreme poverty by which they are engaged in activities that makes them vulnerable to different kinds of Way.

The women have children’s and grandchildren’s to look after and most of them are not living with their Partner and the man are also responsible for their children and grandchildren financial needs fulfillment. Health is a constant battle for elders and having No organized health care in the country and the ever growing cost of medicine. So, the Goal of this project direct beneficiaries with the coming one year ( 2022 ) is expected to cover 150 poor needy and vulnerable Elders and by Default indirect beneficiaries are around 500 in number who are extended family members of the direct beneficiaries.

Ambassador of EEPA – Artist Yegarem Degene and Artist Shawete Kabede, they both have been working with us in promotion and fundraising yet it has been very challenging to achieve our goal since many Artiest do the same thing for many more NGOs. Still they are fighting for us with every platform they get.

Phone number +25111-1-56-09-21, +251-911-81-3834
Website: - www.eepaethio.org
Registration Number – 0574

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