Civic Service Support the call to volunteer to build a mother's

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  • Started on: 26 may 2023
  • Closing Date: 24 aug 2023

Civic Service Support the call to volunteer to build a mother's home.
Our company Abdissa Integrated community development Organization is a Volunteer organization with three years experience in doing it.
The organization has been helping poor students, helping the helpless elderly, helping and educating the disabled, helping and educating orphans and creating job opportunities for unemployed youth to enter the public works it is remembered.
Our organization is currently engaged in discussions with the youth at all levels in the country on security and peace issues with the relevant authorities we have been giving away various.
Currently, Abdissa integrated community development organization has been renovating the houses of our mother or father who cannot build a house for them since October , November and August and we have plans to build 30 (thirty0) houses to get our father.
Basically, people in the country and abroad who love your mother as much as you love your mother, someone else's wife who has lost her home and is in trouble in the summer rains, we should build a house for her we respectfully request this support. Thank you in advance for understanding our mother's problems and for your support.

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