call for urgent support for the displaced communities in wolega

  • Started by: Abdissa integrated community development Organization
  • For: AICDO LOGO.jpg
  • Started on: 06 dec 2022
  • Closing Date: 06 mar 2023

Citizens have citizens, lee trees have leaves, what do I have but my citizens.
As usual, thousands of my people have been displaced from their homes in Kiramuu district of East Wallaga region. we are citizens of the same country why wait for each other why look at each other until the Government of the displaced people return to their homes and anyone abroad without sharing the specialty of standing by our citizens and the Savior of his hunger and suffering.
O my countrymen, helping others is enough to be human so we are born to be human and let us help each other in need and let us help our message.
Thank you all for understanding our thoughts and helping our citizens.

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