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Alif Private Limited Company

  • Legal Name: Alif Private Limited Company
  • Trading License Nr: AF/AT/2/0002200/2013
  • Ownership Type: PLC
  • Primary Sector: Energy
  • On Wegenfund Since: 15 jan 2023

Alif Energy is manufacturer of briquettes. Producing briquettes from waste and weeds to distribute affordable & clean energy for household and Industrial consumer. The main sources of energy used in commercial usage are Firewood and Charcoal. Vast numbers of trees are cut down every year for this purpose, which leads to deforestation and environmental degradation. It is also inefficient source of energy. Alif briquettes is planning to produce are type of energy source that have been scientifically proven to be more energy packed and toxic free energy source.

The key objective of Alif Energy is providing affordable clean energy the demand around 300 km radius to Addis Ababa and reach a sales volume of 6960 tons per year in year 5,

Our key customers are:-
> household,
> street coffee selers,
> bakery,
> hotels and restaurant.

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