Addis Zeybe

  • Legal Name: Addis Zeybe
  • Trading License Nr: KK/AA/2/0013572/2013
  • Ownership Type: PLC
  • Primary Sector: Technology
  • On Wegenfund Since: 14 jan 2023

Addis Zeybe, published by Seba Dereja Media and Communication PLC, is an Ethiopian digital media platform that focuses on urban values and professionalism. Established in 2018, Addis Zeybe is contributing to the creation of a new media culture in Ethiopia, providing its growing audience with independent, reliable news in Amharic and English. It uses online platforms; website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube through which it reaches both English-speaking and Amharic-speaking audiences. Addis Zeybe seeks to provide a news source to the public that is reliable, relevant, and independent; it is therefore not aligned with any political, religious, or ethnic organization. It operates an online platform that discusses a wide range of topics related to urban spaces including politics, the economy, culture, and more while continuing to be active on various social media outlets.

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