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Wegenfund is Ethiopia's first* crowdfunding site open for all charities and businesses. Generousity is nothing new for Ethiopians - and with Wegenfund, you are always at the right place, at the right time (i.e. where and when it suites you.)

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If you represent a Charity, you can register your Charity here

Once your Charity is approved, you and your supporters can create Causes for it. The best part? The funds go automatically to your Charity irrespective of who created the Cause.

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We have always believed, and said, that while charity is important in any society, one of the best ways to support people, and the economy, is by encouraging small businesses.

You can register your business here and, create one or more Projects to crowdfund for your beautiful ideas.

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Sometimes, life can throw us some challenges. One of these challenges can come in the form of illness.

That is why Wegenfund allows individuals with medical emergencies to create a Cause and fundraise from their friends, family and good-hearted donors in general.

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* While there have been some Ethiopian fundraising sites for specific organisations or purposes, to the best of our knowledge, Wegenfund is the first platform to accomodate any Charity/Business with legal registration and opration in Ethiopia.
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“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

―Anne Frank
Recent Projects

Some of the recent projects

In this context, Projects are to Businesses as Causes are to Charities.