Fundraising Program For talented artists who funds.

  • Started by: Abdissa integrated community development Organization
  • For: AICDO LOGO.jpg
  • Started on: 11 jun 2022
  • Closing Date: 31 dec 2027

art is a gift of creation given to man by God and can be called a gift of the morning. There are many people who are given the gift of the morning in the arts and many of them are not educated in the traditions and customs of the people. yet there are many people who have different talents and are left without reaching unexpected places.
We are the ones who have been able to strengthen the skills of the artist alongside the skilled person by reading various books on the subject of strengthening the arts the present generation is obliged to do good and pass it on.
These young and talented youths can contribute to the development of the arts if they participate in the arts. Therefore, our youths and women in the field of arts are more likely to receive professional training in the arts I respectfully and lovingly ask you to support art and people with unique talents in the arts so that it can reach greater heights. Thank you in advance for your support.

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