Fundraising event for the fans of the Family of Artist Hachalu H

  • Started by: Abdissa integrated community development Organization
  • For: AICDO LOGO.jpg
  • Started on: 09 jun 2022
  • Closing Date: 31 mar 2027

The artist is a man who loved his songs and geerarsa as a child and was accepted by the people of Ethiopia and the world.
The artist has been a great contributor to the people of Ethiopia and the Oromo people during his lifetime and the artist's cause is still in the Ethiopian people and the Oromo people.
It has been two years since the passing of the most respected and beloved artist of the people of Ethiopia and the world.
There are many people who have been broken bones and disabled in connection with the death of this beloved and respected artist has passed away. Therefore, the fans of the artist Hachalu Hundessa The family of the artist and the families of the people who were raising various support and voices of the hero for the artist who are currently injured and the families of the deceased we kindly and lovingly ask you to support us with your love and willingness to give our annual gift. May Allah rest the soul of our artist in Paradise and we will remember you forever and we will achieve your goals!

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