Achieving equal prosperity through creating equal opportunities

  • Started by: NAJI GEBREMARIAM
  • For: BDO
  • Started on: 17 feb 2022
  • Closing Date: 31 dec 2023

I’m very grateful for your generous support and donations. Please, Become My Hero Today with Your Generous Donation. Our children and youth need welfare services, economic development, health care, quality education, employment and training opportunities. These are our common interest and agenda for our people. My concern is about achieving equal prosperity among the people by creating common goals and participation in developing the community and the environment. We have no time to waste. As we lag behind, we get the people in difficult conditions, unemployed youth, women and children in poor health and people in need of education and training are denied and conditions get worsened. My name is Naji G. Mariam. I have spent most of my career providing immunization services to improve children's health. Bridge for Development was established in 2019 and I am the founder and manager. The mission of the organization is to support and empower vulnerable communities in Ethiopia irrespective of ethnic group, location, gender disparity, and religious affiliations. My appeal is critically directed to giving hands of Individuals, private foundations and family foundations, all business owners, religious foundations, community associations, family members and friends of all kind. It’s critical time to change the lives of the underserved and disadvantaged women, children and the youth in conflict areas, in densely populated towns and poorly living rural communities in Ethiopia. The fate of Bridge for Development is in your hands. Our mission can only be achieved by fans like you. You have the potential to change the lives of our society. Thank you for the power behind this project. GOD BLESSES ALL!

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